Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wattpad and Other Writing Sites

Hello Writers and Readers!

I know of two writing sites that you can post up your stories. One is Mibba and the other is Wattpad. I personally like Wattpad more, but that's because it's easy to use and people do get publish from the site. I don't know any other sites, if you like me to know more just leave a comment down belong.

Wattpad has a app and, like I said it's easy to use. It feels like everyone on the site is helpful, even if it take a while to see it. You can post up your story with a music video and/or a picture. You can have a cast for your characters. You can see how many people have read, liked, and voted for the story. The readers can comment on your story two different way; at the end or in-line comment.

Mibba doesn't have an app, but they have a post trying to get one. Mibba is a bit difficult to use, posting up stories are confusing to do. I tried to post up and ended up getting lost. I do like how the story look like once it is up. You get to pick out a background...which is about it for Mibba. Which is why I don't post up any stories there.

That doesn't mean not to use Mibba, you can use that if you want and know how to use it better than me. Use whatever you want to post up your stories, I will keep using Wattpad for now. Anyways, I wanted to see if anyone else knows what other websites to use.

What other sites are there for writing???? Tell me in the comments below.

Night Owl,

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fantasy Maps

Hello Writers and Readers!

I have been looking into making a map for my novel, but there isn't a lot of information out there on it. I did find a cool website that I use a lot, for names. On the site, there was a create a map! 

I finished making the map three days later, but it a little bit hard to find the right pieces to use to make the shape I wanted. Anyways, I wanted to talk a little bit about map making.

Start off by drawing what you want, think about how much land your story has. Like it my map, I wanted to have five kingdoms and an island, but I need to plan out how my main character had gone to each kingdom. My first mistake is, I wrote the story first and didn't have an idea how the world/land looked like. Which is why it took me three days to make it.

So my advice for you is, draw out a map for your story (if you are making one or plan on having one).  Of courses, you need your plot, the idea on where you want to go with your story before you draw out a map. You have to know the world and it's land before you draw it out.

So here are the steps I would take:

1-Plot and subplot






There it is, my list. If there is anything you want to know, just ask. I would should you the map I made, but it's hard to save (it's the only problem I have with the site.)

Map Link here

Night Owl,

I noticed that I have some spelling mistakes on my posts, sorry about that. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pay an Editor

You all know how I have been trying to edited one of my books, so far I have done a few chapters, but I feel like I don't know what I am doing. That's why I was looking into a editing software, so far it sucks, which it's understandable because I haven't buy it fully.

Therefore, I started to look for a professional help. Let me tell you right now the one thing bad about that:


I am going to do it, though. Why would I pay for someone to look at my book and fix it, while spending money? Well, they do help a lot and they know what they're doing. Plus, I think they can even help me get published too. It's also going to be a faster way in editing, takes them 10 to 14 days, but I don't mind if they take longer.

I have looked into four different companies, and I found the right one for me. Just now I have to wait on some money to roll in and I will sent in my book.

Now if you want to pay someone make sure you go with the one you like the most. Also do check into the company before sending in your book.

Night Owl,

Please check out my online down below

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Monday, October 12, 2015


Have you ever stopped and looked around yourself? Looked at the people around you?

I have! I do it all the time! 

Matter of fact...I'm doing it right now.

Ah, the college life. Not only do we hate coming, but it also a place we come to study with friends. College, where you meet the weirdest people every term.

The fun part about watching people, is you get to see how they reacted to things. How they move. How they laugh. How they frown. How they walk...

Speaking of walking, I saw the most weirdest walk ever at school! Let me set the scene for you:

My friend, Carlos and I had just gotten to school. He was talking about...something he saw in the school bathroom when I saw her. She was walking to class. At first, I didn't noticed her walk, until I looked back at her again. The heals of her feet never touched the ground, yet she made it seen like she did. Her walk remind me of a prancing horse, or a show horse.

See what I mean!? Fun, right?

You can make up stories on these people, give them backgrounds. It helps you when you need to have a background story for your characters. It a good way to have small character in your story, even if they have one line. 

The fun part is, my friend Hubert watches couples kiss, which now I understand why. People kiss very weird. I cant judge him anymore after I started to watch couples too lol. Not only do I want they kiss, but I watch how they talk to each other, the fights they have out in the open and the way the guys watches his girlfriend. 

Now I started to do this, because my writing teacher told me too. He would take the train and watch people, write about it later or right there. He said it was a good idea to built characters. 

So homework for this week!

Watch people. Write about it. 

Night Owl,

Saturday, October 3, 2015

No Post? Sorry!

I haven't been posting anything and I am sorry for that. The reason why I have school, which means: Studying, Homework, and Testing. 

Anyways, that shouldn't really matter, I should find time to post something on writing at least once a week. Sooooooo.....

Last night, I decided that I would look into buy someone or buying a software to edited my story. I got as far as finding a software before I started to play about with a Free-Trial; which is only 14 

The first one software I tried out, I didn't like much. First it was weird, didn't really check my story. I have to buy it (or as my dad thought rent it), which I didn't want to pay $11.66 a month just to see if it work. So I got back onto google, and looked up a review on I found a comment that said to try out StyleWriter. 

Googled the website and found it. The downloading was a bit confusing, but once it was on my Word, I was using it. Turns out their only give you 14 days to see if you like it. So far, I like it. It show you what you are doing wrong and explains it as well. 

I'm not going to get into it that much on this post, so for now, I am trying it out and let you know how it goes after my 14 days. 

Night Owl, 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Being Rejected

Hey you!

I have not gotten rejected for the fact that I haven't try to publish anything yet. I wanted to take a moment to write about how to move on from that feeling for rejection.

Yes, they didn't like your story. That was only one person's opinion, so what they didn't like it. JK Rowling was rejected, how many times before someone decided to help her? Loads of time, and she's a best selling book series in history. If she gave up after one letter, we wouldn't know the world that Harry Potter is.

So from this moment on, every letter/e-mail of reject you get I want you to do two things:

1-Print it out and save it in a folder.

Image result for literary rejection letters pile

2- Remember, if JK Rowling can do it, you can too.

"Why would you want me to save it?!" you asked yourself, hoping I could hear you from your desk.

Every reject you get, is one step closer to being publish. Take what they tell you in every letter to rewrite, if they tell you what is wrong. If they don't tell you want is wrong, then its just one least person to worry about.
Image result for literary rejection letters
One more thing, be happy always. No matter what they think, your story matters to you and to your future readers!

Night Owl,

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Write What You Know

My first creative writing class professor told the class to write what we know. Which at the time I didn't think that was a good idea. I have been living in the same area since I was born, I'm been a home-child (because my dad think is a smart idea to keep my sister and I away from the world), I didn't go out much (the dad reason again), so how was I going to write about a boring street where I knew nothing about.

That was at first, I started slowly understanding what he meant. We were first time writers (in a way), so we didn't know how to build a world from nothing. We had to start with something, it was an easy way to start. Yet, today I feel like this could hold you back in a way.

Yes, do write what you know, BUT what I do is if I haven't been to a place, I look it up. I make up a new world within this world. If I don't know a lot about something, I research it too the end of the world.

For example, I am working on a story about Sidhe; which is the fairy people of Irish folklore, said to live beneath the hills and often identified as the remnant of the ancient Tuatha De Danann. Like him:

Image result for male elf blonde hair

Like I can't find a lot on them, I have to read as much as book about Fairies and anything that could do with Sidhe. Today, my awesome boyfriend buy me Thrones of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, and I finished last week A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Mass.

Image result for throne of glass cover art

A Court of Thorns and Roses was an amazing book to read, GO READ IT NOW, this book open my eyes to the Sidhe world even more.

Image result for court of thorns and roses

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you have to write what you know and research what you don't know. The more you research on something, the more it seem like you know it. Don't forget about the weather in a location! (which I almost forgot in my story lol)

Night Owl,

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Editing Website

Hey Writers,

I'm always looking for things to write about or something that can help my writing. A few days ago, I found this picture:

As you can see, this website can help you edited your story and any paper you are writing. I used it...two days ago, and I loved it. This can help you edited faster and teaches you what you are doing wrong. Like the picture say, it will highlights places that are hard to read, passive voice, keep court of your adverbs, word court, page court, and even tell you the grade you are writing at.

This is something we should really use for writing. I found this and I'm not looking back anymore.

In a dark room with my thoughts,

Sorry for No Post

At the moment, my friend has a lot of other things on his mind beside writing, so that is why I haven't posted anything up. Today I decided to post this up and another post on writing. Stay turns for that post.

In the sun,

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A.Goddess in Writer's Block

I have read about the writers block isn't real, but what else would you call it when you are stuck on a chapter? I don't call it writer's block, it more like I lost my muse. Losing your muse isn't the end of your writing career, don't freak out, we can fix this. Just because your imaginary friends won't talk to you, doesn't mean they wont talk to you again. They might be mad or they might be tried of telling their story to you over and over. *Giggle*

Whatever the case is, we just need to keep writing on. If you can't write at all, edited or outline. If you are getting mad when your editing or outlining, STOP! Walk away from the story and clear your mind. If you can't seem to find your muse, maybe the story isn't being written the right way. Try writing it in a different point of view. Try a different voice. Try a different main plot. Sometime it's not the writing, sometime it can be the idea of the story.

BUT, it is okay if the idea of the story didn't work out. Just write it in a different way, a different plot. Regroup your ideas and see what works and what doesn't work. Don't give up on your story if you really feel the need to write it.

Image result for writer's block

I had answer a question about how I solve my writer's block. Yes, there are ways to solve it, you just need to find your own ways. I solve my lost muse by:

  • Listening to music,
  • Reading other books,
  • Reading the last chapter of my book,
  • Going back to the outline, and sometimes
  • I don't work on that book for a while.

It all depends on you how you like fixing your muse. You can also, like I wrote above, solve it by:

  • Try writing it in a different point of view,
  • Try a different voice,
  • Try a different main plot,
  • Try a new idea, or
  • Regroup your ideas and see what works and what doesn't work
I wonder how other writers go about solving this problem.....

Do you think it's a problem? If not, why?

How do you fix it?

Once again, let me know in the comments below. Thank you for taking your time to read my blog.

Night Owl,

Mental Editor

I don't know how to turned off my mental editor. I think I do, but as I write this blog its on. Funny, how writers have this problem, but the only way we work around by:

Will power.

The only time I have my mental editor on, is when I go back to reread the chapter that I was working on. I go back after I write it and make sure it sound right...and if I have an grammar mistakes....which I hope I don't have.

I don't think about the mistakes while I am writing. My thoughts are all on writing down the stories. It is not until I finished the chapter, that I go back and read edited it.

I know that I just rewrote the same thing twice, but its how I do things. You have to try and not edit as you write your story.
 Image result for editor writing

Maybe trying to listen to music as you write, so you can't think about editing also. You have to find the power within yourself to stop editing as you write.

Now I am not saying it a bad thing to edited as you write, I'm saying that some time you should edited as you write. Put all your thinking into writing the story instead of writing and editing it at the same time. The story will come out stronger when you do, even if you have you edited afterwards.

Remember editing is the fun part of writing.
Image result for editor writing

Night Owl,

Friday, July 3, 2015

Behind the Curtain: July Edition

July is here, time for the fireworks! At least here in the USA...

Now I noticed that no one is asking me questions and don't comment or follow my page...but as a writer, I shall keep writing until my very last breath!

1. How does a good days writing session look for you?

A good day of writing for me looking like this...

Netflix or music, sitting on my bed or floor or at my desk, writing away one to five different stories at the same time, and a cup of "coffee"; which is just cold chocolate milk to me, or a snack...must be sweet or chocolate.

2. Do you tend to stick to your outline or do you allow yourself a margin to deviate if necessary?

Some time I stick to my outline...other time I just write. It also depending on the story in which I work on. Anything I do for Wattpad, doesn't always have an outline, just an idea. Anything I do for my personal writing, has an outline.

3. When you plan, do you have every single tiny little detail planned out? Or are there some things you still don’t know when you start writing?

Um...I want to say yes every single tiny little detail planned out, but I have that feeling in the back of my mind that is saying no. So no I don't. Sometime you need to plan the big stuff first and in the editing part, detail the little things.

In other words, get everything down, then fix everything.

4. Some people believe in writer’s block. Do you believe in writers block? And if you do, how do you go about solving it?

I have read about the writers block isn't real, but what else would you call it when you are stuck on a chapter? I don't call it writer's block, it more like I lost my muse. I do a lot of different things to solve it:


Reading other books,

Reading the last chapter of my book,

Going back to the outline, and

Don't working on that book for a while.

It all depends on you how you like fixing your muse.

5. When you stumble into a problem in writing, what do you do to move past it?

Good question. I go to Hubert with my problems and we talk about it. He gives me his thoughts, I think about it, and see if I should do what he would do. If he doesn't know the answer, google and I talk it out. If google doesn't have the answer that I am looking for, then I go back to Hubert. *Laugh*

I would ask a teacher for help on the problem, but sometime it's hard to trust someone you barely know. I have trusted teachers before and it ended up with me being sad about it and don't hearing from him.

6. What do you prefer to write: a series or a standalone?

I love series! It doesn't leave you with "what happen" feeling. It's like the author wrote everything you wanted to know. I tent to write series because I don't want to leave people wondering what happen to the characters.

7. If the first book in a planned series is rejected, would you still consider working on the sequel or would you consider it best to start a new project?

I don't know what I would do. I would have to get over the fact that I got rejected first before I think about writing again. I think I would be in a dark place for a day or two before I think about writing again. I think I would need Hubert to push me to write again...hell even my boyfriend would have to get me going again.

8. How long does it take you to plan out a whole series?

I haven't planned out a whole series. I normal just write down the main plots, then I only work on the first book. It keeps me force on the story more. That why I don't confuse any of the outlines in my head while I write. If you want to plan out the whole series, that is up to you. I don't do that.

9. Tips on shutting off the mental editor when writing.

Will power. *Laugh*

The only time I have my mental editor on, is when I go back to reread the chapter that I was working on. Even when I blog, my editor voice is off. I go back after I write it and make sure it sound right...and if I have an grammar mistakes....which I hope I don't have.

10. Where do you get your ideas from?

I have always had ideas since I was a child. Most ideas has been written already so I try to make any ideas my own. Any ideas that you have try to make a twist out of it, no matter what.

11. How do you keep your story ideas fresh?

I'm always researching different creatures and reading different stories. The true key of keeping your story fresh is...twist turns and twist plots; so I'm told...*laugh*

12. How do you make sure your story ideas don’t overlap or keep from writing the same thing in every project?

I just keep all my stories different. Sometime, I have four different stories open and working on all four, but I never get confuse when I'm working on them. All my stories have different plots and are different supernatural people.

Night Owls,
A.Goddess with Hubert Vasquez


I would like to take a small moment to thank my best friend in the whole wide world, Hubert Vasquez. He's been my best friend since the first time I met him in PE class. He has put up with my bad grammar and spelling. He has help me edited a lot of my works and hopefully will keep helping me throughout many more years to come. Without him, my story would sound too weird for readers to read.

Thank you Hubert! <3

Friday, June 26, 2015

Run with the Story!

Watch out!

Story got me on the run!

Move out of the way!

You will get written into the story!

If the story is just writing itself, let it. Don't stop writing. Don't think about it, just write. I know it sounds crazy, but sometime you just have to write whatever comes to can always fix it or deleted it in the editing.

My first novel, which I do talk about a lot on this blog, Slayers wasn't plan. I had an idea and a character, that's all I had. I wrote the story as it came to me, all the things I thought it would need to be say/read, all the confusing parts and stupid parts are there. I wrote it and I am very happy with what I did. Now was it done the "right" way, nope; but it's written. Is there a a lot to fix, hell yeah. This is the "fun" part, said Hubert to me, the editing part. You ran with the story, now you have to slow down and pick at it.

First your mind will race itself to write the story, confusing part and all. Then you will have to put your brain on slow motion, and slowly read every word it wrote. Once you get a hand of it, you will see the "fun" part of editing.

I don't know what else to tell you. It isn't something hard to understand, most quotes on writing are like:

“You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.” 
― Madeleine L'Engle

“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.” 
― Toni Morrison

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” 
― Ana├»s Nin

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.” 
― Robert Frost

“Read, read, read. Read everything -- trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You'll absorb it.
Then write. If it's good, you'll find out. If it's not, throw it out of the window.” 
― William Faulkner

“The first draft of anything is shit.” 
― Ernest Hemingway

“I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I'm afraid of. ” 
― Joss Whedon

Those were my favorites...sorry I couldn't help myself. LOL

Night Owl,

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Potential but Not the Right Time?

Some day no one want to do anything. Other days we want to do everything. In the world of a writer, we have to write every day, even if its not for the story we are working on. This post is about when the story can make it but it might not be the right time to write it.

Story giving you a hard time,





That is the key to writing. Sometime you have to step away from the story and write something else. I would know. Let me tell you a little story about My First Novel. It starts like this:

Freshman year, in high school, I read Twilight, all the books. I finished the last book, Breaking Dawn, walked up to my dad and said, "I finished all four book and I know I can write a better book."

He looked down at me, "Then write it."

I went back to my room and began to write my first story, which became my second book to my saga. For a person who never wrote a story before, it took some time to write it. First off, I wrote the second book, stop writing it, and wrote the first one. Took a year or two to write it, and took two or three more years to actually start to edited the story.

Once I edited the story, I found out I didn't have a plot. Yeah I know I die when I found out. Now, at this very moment, I am rewriting my first novel. Now the reason why it took me so long to edited was because I didn't like it, didn't know how to do it, and I had decided to take a step back from the story, even if the story was calling my name to rewrite it. I did from time to time, fix some spelling mistakes, fix grammar, had Hubert comment on it, and fix some of the details.

Some people might think it was a waste of time to beginning writing without knowing how to write an novel. I don't see it that way. Over the five to eight years, I wrote other stories and kept working on ideas. I learned so much within those five to eight year, that now I can write with my eyes close (Not really but hey). I have seen my writing grow and I have learn so much more about writing.

My first blog was a mess. I have no idea what I was doing, or at least I think I know what I'm doing. Now I have a plan for this blog. I want new writers (and maybe even old writers) to learn from my mistakes before they make their own. So if the story has potential, but it might not be the right time to write it, step back and write something else until you feel it the right time. I did, you can do it too.

Vampire in the Coffin...Soon,


Follow the blog.

Comment any question you want to ask me. Want help? Ask me. Having trouble with something? I can help, or we can learn together.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Throw in the Towel: the Sad Truth

Your story idea is dying on you and you're starring to think that it's time to throw in the towel, then go ahead. Throw the towel.

I have had this problem many times, and it's okay to have it. It's a normal thing with writing, but how can you tell if it's time to kill the story?

Sometime the story isn't right to write it. Sometime the story might seem like you have everything, then you ask yourself one question, and it falls apart.

Throwing in the towel doesn't mean that the story can't come back into your mind. Sometime you might need some time to think about another story until the one you feel like throwing away come back into your mind.

You have to make sure that the story is no long a good story to write. You decided if the story is time to go into the book graveyard.

If I were you, here is going very good to have, a file name book graveyard. Keep all your throw away stories. You never know when you will need them again.

Night Owl,

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Characters and Their Voices

Characters have voices?! What?!

Yes they do, and you are the only one who can hear them. Now that you know who's in your head, just listen to what they have to say.

Help me! Write my dying story!

Yo, you with the hair! Write my story!

I hear voices too...what to write about all 7 of them?

I need a pen and paper! Does everyone in here have pen and paper?! No...damit...hey writer!!! Write my story!! These loser don't have any good stories to tell! Hurry before you forget about me!

If you are hearing  voices in your heard, write down what they are telling you. Now you also have to get their voices down on paper too.


Well, you want the readers to hear their voices too, if not it sounds plain and boring and like a robot. And who would want that?

"I would," robot voice said.

Um...anyways, *looks at robot* back to the writing. Not all robots should sound the same, so haha robot in your face! Same goes for your characters, they all have different pitch.

Would a guy be reading my blog in his voice or in my voice? My voice, is the answer...and if you're not reading it with my voice, then I shouldn't be writing this blog at all. If you can't put down your own voice down on paper, then you need to work on that. And I have the perfect homework for you.... :)


I want you to write two different personalities for one character. Find the voice for the character between the two personalities. See the character in your head's eye, and feel out what their voice would sound like. It it all down. Every thought and feeling you are having at that moment. 


Morgan voice for example.

She is a very strong female, but due to some asshole of a vampire, turned her into a weak female. Her fighting spirit is died. She going doing everything they tell her to do, she make sure she is helpful and out of everyone's way, and she always reminded herself that she is a slave, a nobody. Over time, she starts remember how she was before the supernatural world took over the human world. She start becoming that very strong female character again, just as she about to meet her soul mate. 

But then again, what kind of writer would I be if I didn't try to kill her off and her soul mate. *evil laugh*

I feel that the more you write and learn about writing, the better you will get at catching your characters' voices. Just keep working and writing and you will see the different at the end.  

Night Owl, 


Sunday, May 31, 2015

Behind the Curtain: June Edition

Behind the Curtain when so well, I asked Hubert to ask me more questions every month. This way if I see questions I can write more about them. Plus its a fun way to see how my own writing mind works.

1. How do you know when a story idea is going nowhere and its time to throw in the towel?

For me, if the story doesn't keep the ideas going then throw in the towel. If the story doesn't move forward, it's time to move on from the story. It's more of a feeling, you just know when to throw in the towel. 

2. How do you know when the story does have legs and is ready to be written?

If the story is giving you a lot of ideas, write it. If the story haven't been written before, write it. If the story is telling you to write, write it. All you have to do is listen to the story and it will tell you what to write down. 

3. How do you know when the story has potential but it might not be the right time to start on it?

When the story is giving you a hard time writing it. Sometime you have to step back and let the story sit for a while. When the story is ready for you to write it, it will flow down of your fingers. What I do sometime, which isn't a good idea, I work on something else until the other story is calling me to come back. 

4. In Spectrum you created a new species of supernatural beings called the Affecters. Why did you decide to create a different species and put her in this world of familiar supernatural creatures? How did the process of creating a new species go?

The idea of Affecters actually came from a mood ring, how it changes color depending on your mood. The word Affecter, comes from affected, which is emotion. I made the Affecters twins because they understand each other better than anyone else, so it could have helped out their moods. I also gave them powers because they aren't really humans. One of their powers is to control someone through singing, I got that idea from Greek Mythology with the Sirens.

I put Elizabeth in a familiar world because at the moment I didn't know I could build a different world and that fact that everyone wanted to read vampire stories. Now I'm not saying I didn't know I could make up a place, what I mean is my world building was a bit limited due to the fact that I didn't read as much as I do now.

I don't think there is a process to creating a new species, I think it more work. Now that I know so much about different supernatural species, I think I have to go back and work more on Affecters and their history, before I re-edited it.

5. How long does it take you to build the world you set your stories in?

To me world building, can take a moment, but that just on how the place/world looks like. World building is more than just how the world looks like, so it hard to say how long it can take. You have to go deep, think about all the subject in school you hated to do and make it all up from this new world you're building. USA and Rome wasn't built in a day.

6. When you start writing, do you have a clear idea in mind of what type of world you want to write it or does that come with the process of writing?

It depending on what the story is about. If the story has vampires, then a vampire world building has to be made for the story. It the story is about fairies, when I have to world build it in a fey world. Sometime the story is just pictures I look up online of places here in the USA. 

7. How do you go about finding your characters and their voices?

Hubert, you always find me a hard question to answer. My characters come to me with their stories, with their life. Their voices are sometimes hard to write, but I heard them very clearly. I do have a problem with Elizabeth's voice; she is being too quiet. 

8. Most of your stories are written in a first person point of view. Is this something you think you’ll maintain along your career or would you like to try other things?

I would like to write in Third person, one day...I've been told I do a good work writing it from a close friend. Yet for now, I think it will be first person, until I can write a whole story in Third person. I don't think I will ever write in second person. 

9. Do you see yourself always writing in the fiction genre or would you like to branch out to other types of genres?

I see myself writing fiction, but branching out within fiction. I have yet to write a High School Love story like you, Hubert. I do work on other genre within fiction, but nothing strong enough to write it. But I am planning on writing a love story, non-supernatural too. 

10. How do you go about revising and editing?

I print out every page and I read each and every single page. I use three or four different color highlighters to mark: reword, deleted, spelling, and more details. After I know what I have to change and fix, I get back to writing the story. I rewrite the whole chapter and story again. New ideas go in and some of the old ideas stay. 

Night Owl,
A.Goddess with Hubert

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