Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pictures and Ideas

I twought of something to do while I was looking around the Internet. As a wrtier, we are always looking things up and doing as much research as possible. So today, I thought up/read it about taking a picture and writing a story to go with it.  So here it is a picture and my story/beginning of it:

Rex looked into my eyes, knowing what we both would face. We have been together since I was a baby, and  now what the time we both knew that our deaths would mean everything for the world. As I wore my crown one last time, he smiled at me and said, "I will ride and die for you, Princess. The love I have for you is now more than anyone can take away from me. I will die if they take you from me."

"Then we die together, Rex. You are my life and my soul. Without you, I wouldn't have made it this far, You have been my wings to fly the world. Take me home so we can face the evil living in my home."

He nodded. I got on his back and he flew to the home I once called home. 

(Your thoughts?) Here is another one, just because I don't want to keep writing that one above:

The UnSeelie court and Seelie court never got along. Since the beginning of their race, they have been enemies. The dark court worked within the night, making human lust and sin in their court; while the light court played and tricked humans into their courts. 

Today was the day they finally has their meeting. The day in which summer turns into fall. UnSeelie King looked at the Seelie Queen and said, "Winter is coming...Soon Spring will come again. Until then my sweet Seelie Queen."

"Until then my dark UnSeelie King."

They walked away from each other, only to come back to the same spot that night. No one but they two of them together. They smiled and kissed as long lost lovers do. They made love one last time, under the moonlight. The last time they would see each other.

(Your thought?) The point of this, is to help you come up with ideas when you have your "dry" moments. This is a fun way to make up anything you like and maybe it could because a new story in your future writing.

I hope you like this idea...I kind of took it from my professor.

Night Owl,

I did find out that Hubert has a blog. Check it out: Musings of Imaginative Mind

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Stories Ideas

We all have days that we can't write anything for our story, so we don't write at all. That is a very bad idea. We should write something everyday, even if it has nothing to do with your story. So I thought that I could use this blog, not only to help teach, but to help give idea as well. I am a huge pinterest (This is one of my board. Check it out.) pinner so I found some cool writing prompt. So today I will be sharing one with you and I will write it out like if it was me doing it on my own. Before you started to read the below, I would like to say, I have not edited this at all and I am writing it at this very moment. 

A man, covered in blood, just walked up to the gate. He looked at me as if he knew who I was, yet I didn't know him. He pointed a bloody finger at me and spoke. The wind caught his voice making it hard for me to hear him. The man was pale with hallowed eyes. He made me think of death, looking at him covered in blood. 

I wanted to go to him and help him, but my body wouldn't move. It was like my mind knew something that my heart didn't. A pull began to push me to the man. Slowly I walked to the iron gates and heard him speak, "For life shall pay with life."

"Who's life shall pay for who's life?" I questioned, not knowing who I had killed or if I had killed.someone without knowning.

"You shall pay for the life of Thomas. For his life was a valuable one."

"I didn't kill him. He was killed by another."

"You were there with the murderer, Kyle. You did nothing to stop him."

"It had nothing to do with me. Why should I have stop Kyle doing something of his own free will? You won't take me life because of something I couldn't stop," I slowly back away from the gates. The iron gates would keep the ghost out. I had nothing to worry about. 

I ran into my house and called Kyle. The phone rang, but no one answred. I shook my head and whispered, "It's a sick joke. They're playing a sick joke on me." 

Years ran down my cheek as I thought of the worse. I had fallen in love with two men, now they were gone and I was next. I didn't know what to do. I looked at the gate, pressed the button, and let the man in. 

Within a blink, he was at the door. He pointed his pale bloody finger at me and said, "It is time You're on a hidden camera show! Thomas and Kyle set it all up!"

I looked at the door and saw them both standing there, smiling and laughing. I ran to them and hugged them both. I cried and cried. 

"It's okay, Annika," Thomas said. "It's was a joke."

"Got you good, didn't we?" Kyle asked. "Its okay, honey. You can always get us back."

The its not too good, but it's just writing down whatever comes to mind and we'll that goes with it. Tell me what you think. Hey put up your own story if you want. I'll read it.