Monday, April 6, 2015

Setting the Story

Location, location location!

Everything you write has a place where it happens. So write it, we'll show it in your writing. Let say that your setting is in a hospital, you have to pretend that the readers have never been or seen one. Write about the smells, the sound, the feel, what you see and what you don't see.

Now let's talk about a few things you could do. 

The website above, talks about the setting (duh). It teaches you about time, place, location, and period. The time being day or night, simple. It's like:

I looked out the window to see the full moon shining through. The moon was high, letting me know it was midnight. 

Place/Location, is what we all think about when talking about setting. Yet, it isn't the only part of a setting. Knowing where the story takes place,

Period of time, a year or date. It sets your story in a different time line instead of a modern day. This is where Historical Fiction comes to play. I think even Science Fiction comes into play also. Now while writing in a period time, remember that you have to write in that time period. 

1)Be detailed. Descriptions detailed enough to paint the picture. You don't want to bored your readers.

2)Uses senses. Use two or three of the senses such as the five, touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste.

3)Don't decide too much. Only describe the very important things in your story.

4)Remember: time and location. Never forget to set the story. It has to be clear.

5)Show, Don't Tell. Show that your character is happy, angry, sad and so on. The reader want to feel everything. (I will go into more details about this.)

6)Do not rumble on. Get to the point. Don't go into so much details.

Find the balance in show and telling your story. It will be hard, but we must find it to tell a great story.

Night Owl going to writing class tomorrow morning,

Yes, I might be a vampire writer, but I do go out into the morning sun. lol Kidding. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Outlines with the Goddess

Outlines are the best thing in the world!
Said no one in the world....kidding. They really are the best. They help you move the story forward.

Now there are two different ways I have see it done; the first, outlining the whole book, and the second one, outlining the chapters. Let me talk about outlining the novel first.

Outlining the Novel

3)Main Plot

I know it look a bit confusing to you, but this is how I work. Normally, I get an idea from something I watched or read or from other stories. Once I have the idea, I get to meet (or cast lol) the characters. Once I know the characters like the back of my hand, I work on the main plot and sub-plot at the same time. The chapter at the beginning, I thought about what I wanted to happen in each chapter and I would name them, but now I found a different way in doing them; which I will talk about next. Last the location, I sometime don't have one until I think more about what I want to happen in the story, so that's why it's last.

The picture below is how I have been outlining my chapters. That isn't my outline, it is J.K. Rowling.

It looks very confusing, but once you understand what is going on, you get it and it will make writing chapters so much easier. Now I am going to try to see if I would type my chart up, and if that doesn't work...well I'll think of something else to do.

The first column, I have are what I want on my chapters, like: Chapter #, Chapter Names, Plots, Dreams, Spells, Visions, Fights, Love/Connections, Death, Locations, and Notes (anything that I want to remember or small details)

The column next to that I started to fill out everything for chapter 1. Example:

Chapter 1
New Beginning
Starts new school in new location, new friends, and an off feeling about the school.
no dream
no spell
no vision
Very strong man breaks into the school. Main character fights him.
no love or connection
no death
No notes

So that's how I outline my chapters. The first column, to me, it changes base on the story and what I want to have in it. I'll show you, like this:

This is a cleaner one looks like lol. Please tell me what you think. If you like my blog, if you have check out my stories, if you have any questions, or anything at all. I'm here to help and learn from you as well.

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